Reason for being in Africa

before I came to here.
i was university student.

i studied about education and psychology.
i passed exam to be a primary school teacher.

but I really wondered if I could be a teacher in Japan now.

the answer was no.

I want to see what I haven't seen.
i wanna know what i don't know and what is family and what is love in zambia.

I do not want to be bound by time soon after graduation.

I wanted to become a teacher in Zambia rather than becoming a teacher in Japan now.

so here i am.

I already thought that it was good to choose Zambia.

Because I can learn a lot of things including life hacks as time has come.

In addition to raising my value in Japan, I willing to make as many smiles as possible.

no pain no gain. do my best everyday.

thank you so much.

➡️bremen life


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