Yellow Sand


My favorite composer, Sibelius could recognize tonality as colors. And D major that he defined yellow seems to expresse “hope”. Also his symphony No.2 is D major too.

But, yellow in English dictionary says it means “jealous” and “offensive” far away from hope.
Jealous has hope? Offense will go hope?

Also this is said in this dictionary that there are difference of recognizing a color of sun.

Yellow is sun’s color in western. In the world, red is rare. This difference appears because of latitude and the melanin pigment in the eyes.

Now, yellow that has many means, of course it has the mean “bright color”. Today “yellow sand” is going on a rampage.

Although yellow sand is looked around the Japan, I didn’t be carefully it when I was in Osaka because I was living front Hanshin highway. But we can recognize wether it goes on a rampage or not in Kamigoto has clear air.

Who did say yellow is hope????
Yellow Sand doesn’t carry us hope.


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