Who did kill the whale?


There are different cultures in Goto-islands depend on area. I think cultures were made by each area because of inconvenience of transport.

Arikawa in Kamigoto is a area that had been flourished in whaling on Edo-era, inhabitants in Arikawa has been eaten whale. “Whale Museum next to Arikawa port has a skeletal model of minke whale, tools for whaling and so on. It is rare museum I think. (http://oratio.jp/p_resource/geihinkan-museum)

Edpecially, I remember about the body scale that we can know our weight converted by whale.

By the way, I heard a news “A whale that washed up in the Philippines was found dead with 40 kg of plastic bags inside its stomach”. Whales always get water from foods, this whale couldn’t get this because of this plastic bag. Do you remember a news that sea turtle’s nose was filled by straw? I was thought about protecting environment by the news.

In Osaka, I often heard a news about being against whaling in Wakayama. But, I think it should complain to put off plastic bag in the sea than culture.

Eating thankful is good for whales, I think. A whales death, who’s fault? We have to think that a whale had gone to death.


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