This is also trash in the society

Hi, this is Koichi.

I have only two days to leave Japan. Until then, I have lots to do. For example, to go and buy toothbrush, take my rain cover in University, and decide which I will buy a guidebook or not.

However, I have part-time job for two days. Actually, I don’t decide where I will go in each countries. The more I spend time searching for places where I will go, the less time is that I can sleep. I have no knowledge around Europe. These days, I spend my second spring vacation like this.

While I search, I found a page to introduce a little. The internet has many many and many trash in himself. The author of the page says present people have to choose the important things or not. In other wards, to divide trash and not.

This note essay is also trash for someone, but it’s important for me. This essay is my true feeling. I want to feel this important.

If you feel this important for yourself, I’m happy. Thank you for reading until the end.


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