No planning life

Some people like to plan everything strictly in their own lives; others would rather live each day without a regular plan. Which do you prefer in your life? In my opinion, I like the former; here are three reasons why I choice that.
The first reason is uncertainty of the life. Our life is much more unstable than images which I draw in advance. So if we plan whatever carefully, we will be able to never achieve as I suspected.
The second reason is opportunity costs for planning. You have to spend several times to plan for something. But if you don’t then, you may be able to challenge something new which you didn’t think beforehand. At least, having no plan gives you time for action instead of planning.
The third reason is constraints of behavior. In the case of planning rigid, by following your plan; you can’t do something other than planning items. So if it happens something unexpected, you can’t respond it in order to obey your schedule.
Based on these reasons, planning carefully isn’t a wise choice. If you really want to decide something before, you only had better set purpose which you want to do after this.





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