The launch of Public Meets Innovation, an incorporated body that the government officials and IT startup entrepreneurs from the Millennial generation explore policies specific to innovation development

Public Meets Innovation (located at Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) is a Public policy institute for the next generation leaders, where innovators from startups, research, and educational institutions collaborate to formulate policies specialized for innovation established by the government officials , politicians, lawyers etc. who are mainly from the Millennial generation.

As new industries in technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain are progressing rapidly on a global scale in recent years, the importance of legal system improvement for innovation is increasing.
On the other hand, the environmental maintenance to propel the Japanese innovation policy is late worldwide. (* 1)

We believe the main reasons are the following.

▶︎Missing the mutual point of contact between the public sectors and innovators from the younger generation
▶︎Lack of opportunities for accessing information of political / policy contacts for innovators.
▶︎The voices of innovators from younger are hard to reach in the policy process.
▶︎The opportunity of contact between national public servants who are responsible for policymaking and start-up companies, technicians of human resources who are in the public sectors are insufficient, and the knowledge of innovation area is limited.
▶︎Lack of Tri-sector human resources with working experience in both the public and private sectors.

We cooperate with public sectors such as national civil servants, politicians, lawyers, etc. mainly from the Millennial generation who will be responsible for the future society, startups and innovators of research and educational institutions, and we will frame the policies through the community to think about how social innovation can give function and implement in society to tackle the social issues in Japan and will spread out to the world. Also as a generation living in the era of the assumption that the existing customs and common sense is going to be lost by the technology, granted to the proposal after 10 years, 50 years, social implementation of innovation will aim to build eco-system that will become a commonplace.

#01 Generate the next-generation leader community which connects to the public sectors and innovators.
・Build a community in which public sectors (bureaucracy, politicians, lawyers, policymakers, etc.) and innovators (start-ups, venture managers, technology engineers, etc.) are connected in a flat position and can do the information exchange, consultation, discussion, and collaboration.Establish a consultation window of law and policy for innovators.

#02 Review and dispatch the policies specialized in innovation
・From a new perspective focus on the Millennial generation to discuss how  the innovation works for social tasks and social implementation to present  solutions with using new technologies and ideas. 
・Present the new scheme of rule-making and policy process through           innovation.

▶︎First-year Create policy theme (TBD)
Tourism policy, Smart City /City policy, Agritec policy, HealthTec policy, FinTech policy, RegTec policy, Education policy, Mobility policy etc.

#03 Awareness-raising activities involving the external widely
・Information dissemination on innovation policies and related topics, and  
 host study sessions, events, and conferences.
・Provide a place to know, learn, and think about policy.
・Collaborate with overseas related organizations and groups for
 communication and co-research etc.

Organization Name: Public Meets Innovation
Reprsentative Director & Co-Founder: Anju Ishiyama
Launch: Oct 1st, 2018
Address: Nagatacho GRID 2F 2-5-3 Hirakawacho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


・ Host various seminars and forums on innovation and public policy.
・ Collect various information on science and technology, education, culture   etc. through research and policy planning by public-private partnership       organization.
・ Public relations activities on innovation policy.
・ Collaboration with related organizations in Japan and overseas on                   innovation policy.
・ Establish a specialized contact window, introduce experts to the                       members etc.

(* 1) Japan in the world innovation ranking was ranked fifth to eighth in the last three years.


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