Branding of an Artist アーティストのブランディング





Wishing the best for the new year!
My new year’s resolution is to work on my own branding.
I’m no expert, and I feel like I need a lot of work to do. So I started looking up all those inspiration-quenching-self-branding posts online. But none of them sounds right, because trying to sell yourself could be the most appalling thing to do as an artist. What I realized so far and what I learned through the academic discipline during my Masters last year, is that branding means to dig deeper into your mind, to really know yourself; its not something on the surface, but what projects on the surface from within. Most of the time you’re busy dressing up that you forget who you are inside. I know, this may be a cliché, but it’s what it comes down to.
Another topic is the supply and demand. In the case of a product, you have to analyze the target audience demographics. What about music? You look at the statistics on the social media, but that’s like the chicken or the egg thing. Do you start posting things that would be suitable for the existing audience or should you aspire to catch the new audience’s attention? Maybe it’s best to forget everything about a product and a consumer, but as members of the community.
At the end of the day, unlike corporate branding, an artist’s objective is not to make money.
It’s not gaining fame or popularity. It’s about reaching to the right people and sharing the empathy through music and lifestyle. And maybe for an artist, branding is to have humility and keep your feet on the ground, and to communicate that with sincerity and consistency.



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