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I am sorry to hear the Tokyo district court ignored science and the public interest, accepted the plaintiff’s excuses such as Ikeda didn’t know it was the result of only one mouse or it was not a fabrication but just a quotation of other researcher’s data. They decided a case, regardless of the fact that Ikeda spread a fake news of HPV vaccines based on the result of  a single-mouse (N=1) experiment. The brain section of the mouse he showed was even not of the one from the vaccinated mouse.

In “Kojien”, the largest Japanese dictionary, “fabrication” is defined “to make up a fact that doesn’t exist as if it exists”. Ikeda said “Deposition of abnormal auto-antibody was observed only with the brain section of the mice vaccinated with the HPV vaccines”, showing a brain section of the mouse not vaccinate. But there is no fact that mice vaccinated with the HPV vaccines showed abnormalities in the brain.

For more than two and a half years since this lawsuit was filed, my privacy was threatened, and my life as a journalist became extremely difficult. In 2017, I was awarded the John Maddox Prize, commemorating the name of the Editor-in-Chief of “Nature”, for promoting sound science regardless of difficulties, hostilities and a legal attack. However, the situation continued to be the same. Those who hate the vaccines and sue the government, claiming the drug-injury that is never proven, succeed in silencing me, and also science.

Watching Ikeda’s shocking presentation on TV, the women who decided not to vaccinate and lost the chance to protect their life and health. The women who believed in the drug-injury lost the chance to accept the real cause of their symptoms and to receive their chance to recover. The negative impact of Ikeda’s massage that the HPV vaccine caused the damage to the brain of the mice is enormous.

This decision has nothing to do with the safety of the HPV vaccines. It doesn’t assure the quality of Ikeda as a scientist, or prove the quality of his other studies either. When reporting, I ask the media to deliver a correct message to the society, reflecting social justice and public interest, and also to prevent from this decision to be used to hide scientific misconduct and to spread fake news regarding the HPV vaccines, and also to silence scientific speech.

For the readers, doctors, scientists, journalists who supported me, these two and a half years were not a lonely time, but a fruitful time to make new friends all over the world. I thank you all for your support.

Riko Muranaka


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