My work

I'm working as kitchen hand. Its gonna be dishwashing, cleaning and food preparation and so on. That is saying, it is like helping cook and chef. Its easy for them to work in kitchen. My restaurant should be busy on weekend, and big venue in front of beach. In addition, this place often has events something like music festival, and birthday
and marriage ceremony and so forth. Today, I was like Today work is the busiest day I've
ever been at restaurant, so I've finished at 11 o'clock. It's like 9.30 o'clock usually. It's too crazy to be about to go mad. I thought I wanna quite job.

Overall, I chose this job to work at local restaurant, butI don't think it's gonna be easy job. There is beautiful beach there, though




In orderto learn English, I'll write down what I do everday and Im thinking in English, something like hometown, job, hobbies, family, tr...
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