The Baking Lab. (English)


Panna cotta with Shine Muscats

I can easily find fresh veggies, sea foods and fruits in Wakayama, Japan.

August is good month to find fresh peaches, plums, blueberries and pears.

I also found Shine Muscats in this weekend.



Vanilla peach compotes

It’s getting super hot in Japan.

Which means our peach season will be over soon.

Best peach season in Japan seems to be shorter and shorter,,,,maybe because of the global warming.

It reminds me tha


Lime cheesecake

I love limes.

But it’s hard to buy limes reasonably in Japan.

We don’t use lime for Japanese cuisine normally.

Lemons are more popular citrus for Japanese cooking.

Limes are normally expensive.



HKG, butter and croissants

Nowadays, we can go abroad easier than before thanks to LCC.

My college and I decided to have one day trip to Hong Kong.

Technically it was 1.25 day trip.

We departed to Hong Kong in the morning an


Blueberry Cobbler

I sometimes miss some tastes such as cilantro, cinnamon.

I also miss some American desserts sometimes.

We can find some American style baking goods or American desserts in Japan recently.

But some


Low carb cinnamon rolls

I heard “low carb diet” many times but didn’t have enough knowledge.

Only what I know are “less carbohydrates” and “less sugar”.

I’ve never found female friends who tried low carb diet.

I saw same



I had a chance to join professor Kubo’s lecture of SOFIX and home vegetable gardens and home gardening.

He is the professor in Ritsumeikan university.

As I wrote the previous article, I’m interested


Just the way we are

I got interested in agriculture because of Alice Waters, who is one of my respected women.

She is a chef, the owner of Chez Panisse, which is one of famous restaurants in California, and the leading


Wagashi - Japanese confections

I love baking since I was a kid.

I don’t remember the trigger I started baking and the reason I loved it.

Only what I can say is “I simply love baking.”

I also love North American culture, especial


Do something without failures?

I sometimes see the title “do something without failures” on books such as “baking breads without failures”.

I do understand how painful feeling I have when I fail to bake something.

There are too m