Who's Hiroko TANIYAMA? (3) A shy girl

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When Hiroko TANIYAMA was a girl, she was shy. She didn't want to be a singer. Because she was scared of audience. She couldn't talk during her concert.

Now TANIYAMA has changed. Her talking is very fun, interesting, easy listening, and friendly. During her concert she often talk too long, and she is scolded by her manager. Time is limited!

Questionnaire paper

In her concert you will get questionnaire paper. It is a free description. You can write anything. Impressions of her concert, your interpretation of her song, your recent events, thanks for her, cheer to her, and so on. TANIYAMA loves reading questionnaire papers.

When TANIYAMA was young, she was shy and scared of audience. But one day she read a questionnaire paper. Someone wrote. I'm sorry for scaring you. But we are also nervous. TANIYAMA was shocked. They are audience. The are guests. And yet I make them uneasy. It's not good.

And TANIYAMA has changed. Quiet and gentle voice, easy listening speech... I love her talking.

Radio DJ

Hiroko TANIYAMA is a singer and songwriter. But she is a radio DJ, too. When TANIYAMA challenged for DJ, some fans were anger. In their world TANIYAMA was very shy girl. Radio DJ? She cannot! Poor girl! Her manager and other people must have forced her! But it was just a belief. They couldn't accept her change. Of course most of fans welcomed TANIYAMA's new job.

Do you know Miyuki NAKAJIMA? She is a famous singer in Japan. By the way NAKAJIMA and TANIYAMA are belong to the same office. They are good friends from their young days. NAKAJIMA is often appear on TV. So many Japanese know her face and songs. She was also a radio DJ. NAKAJIMA started radio job in 1976. TANIYAMA started it in 1978. So NAKAJIMA was a senior in this job.

One day NAKAJIMA and TANIYAMA were in a coffee shop. In those days TANIYAMA had not yet become a DJ. Then a man got closer to them. He said to NAKAJIMA, "I listend to your radio program. I was disappointed." And he went away. TANIYAMA was surprised. But NAKAJIMA said laughing, "It often happens".

Songs have great influence. Personality of singers and impression of their song are not same. But we often forget it. So some fans were surprised when they listend to singer's radio. Unfortunately someone was disappointed or anger.

Of course I love her radio talking. In fact I'm not good listener. I cannot listen to the program at the fixed time. So I got her radio program CD.


Perhaps even now TANIYAMA is shy. Still she can talk during her concert or radio program. Although anyone don't believe, I was shy and reticent girl. I think her change was great. Shy people don't stand out. But they also have a lot of talent.


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