Thoughts: There is no 'Pixel Perfect' in Web Design

Hey there again! This is Mandy writing another article (in English)! 😳

This time I would just like to move away from talking about design tools (we'll get back to that next time) and talk about something more general with web design. It's an on going argument, and a topic that many people have written about, but I would still like to express thoughts on the term "pixel perfect". 

When I first started studying design in school, I often heard my mentors/teachers mention the term "pixel perfect". There was this huge obsession with being "pixel perfect" especially amongst the graphic designers. Everything had to be by the pixel, and if you're just unnoticeably one pixel off, you fail as a designer and would be shunned by the community as being half-assed. I get it though... Its always good to have standards, but to me, I never really understood that "perfectionist" thinking.

Designers use to be so glued onto that idea, that they would spend hours, days and weeks just adjusting their designs by the pixel... Anyways, that was around a decade (or more...) ago, and now things have changed. Digital design no longer refers only to "Graphic Design", because "Web Design" has also joined the family as well.

Although graphic design is the older sibling of web design, we shouldn't be using the same method or way of thinking when approaching these designs. After all, the output is different! One is printed and the other is viewed on web browsers. They are two completely different things! 
Okay, for most of you, I am stating the obvious. But not everyone sees that as being obvious. Especially those who have no knowledge in either fields of design, to them...EVERYTHING with the word design attached to it is the same.

Anyways... 🤓

In the past, websites use to only be viewable on desktop computers, but now they are widely viewed on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones as well. On top of that, every display has a different resolution and different pixel ratio! Okay, so now what?

Well, what I'm trying to say, it's no longer possible to be "pixel perfect", especially with web design. Everything is too different (displays)! And with responsive web design also in the picture? Not a chance is there going to be any pixel perfect anymore! Let's get our head out of that box and think outside of it.

The digital age is quickly moving forward, alongside with web design. So naturally, the focus also changes and so do the users and their values. The focus has changed from the pixel, to balance and experience of the design the web gives to its users.

The layout and placement of content, the flow of the pages and user friendliness has become the priority of web design more than a mere pixel perfected image.

The mindset of "pixel perfect" no longer defines a designer's worth, skill or experience. 

Graphic design and web design are different.

So next time, before being picky about a one-pixel shift of a content box, ask yourself... Is this user friendly?


The aesthetics come after.

Let's get our web design priorities straight!

Happy web designing~ 😇


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