Whatever you think of his politics, the beats are great.

     In his "shaky-ass year", Kanye West has been exhausting. In April, he tweeted a picture of a "Make America Great Again" hat signed by the President. Trump. In early May, he also said that "we are both dragon energy, We are brothers" on his twitter. Although Chance the rapper commented on it "Black people don’t have to be democrats.", It makes his followers upset and anger as well. He topped it all of May in an interview with TMZ live when he said that slavery "sounds like a choice".

    He describes his mind, family throughout his new album called "Ye". It was shorter release, and it includes just 7 tracks in 23 minutes. The album starts from the song over treated "really bad things, really, really, bad things". "I thought About Killing You" can be said that it divides into 3 parts, what feels like a completely other song on the end. Similarly, "Ylikes" and "Wouldn't leave" see Kanye in the rise of #Metoo movement, and Kim's unwaving loyalty. 

Whatever you recon his political comment, his song writing and beats still remain surprisingly. And Kanye is Kanye. 




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