Theremin/Cello Duo Improvisation Project No.1


ほぼ半日をかけてテルミンとチェロのデュオによる完全インプロヴィゼーションセッションを敢行しました。テルミンの演奏は三毛子、チェロはKei Yamamotoによります。譜面なし、事前の打ち合わせなし、完全なぶっつけ本番の即興演奏となりました。


The music had been improvised on March 9, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan, by Duo, Miquette (Theremin) and Kei Yamamoto (Violoncello). This is an excerpt of the improvisation session.

The session took a half day. The performance was pure improvisation. No sheet music, no pre-performance chat, no nothing. The session produced about one hour of music. This clip is only a very small part of it.

Theremin and violoncello are separately recorded. Here, the theremin is through a plate reverb and mild equalizing, as usual. Both parts are positioned in a stereo space. Theremin is put left and cello right. Entire mix is through a little deep reverb. So that, this music is roughly reflecting the improvisation session as it was. Nothing added, nothing subtracted.

Both theremin and cello can produce continuous glissando. Theremin sounds are somewhat soft and "round" though cello is a string instrument which can make strong accent and sound including high overtones. Thus, they have common characteristic and opposite ones at the same time. We believe this makes these two instruments are ideal for duo session.

The rest of recordings will be launched later maybe with some other sounds and post production.


Jun Yamamoto

次の演奏会は2019年10月14日(月・祝) 13時から 三毛子のテルミン・ライブ「オールド・シネマ・パラダイス」 at カーサ・クラシカ(赤坂見附 徒歩5分)​ピアノ:Jun Yamamoto 他  2019年11月10日(日)14時開演 だいしホール 山本準「朱銀の風」​初演

Jun Yamamoto 音楽を語る(2)

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