Day 71 : books on business

As a business person, I think I am surrounded by business books, even though I like all kinds of books such as novels and the other types of specialized books.

I've found this quora site on how many


Day 70 : Essay

My friends, and same members of certain communities, they write whatever they like to write on notes.
As seen on my notes, I have introduced many of them.
They are basically essays.
But, I would say t


Day 69 : News Everywhere

In this internet era, news is everywhere.

We still have newspapers, TV news, magazines...
And they have their own internet-version news sites.
Plus, we have the online-only news sites.
Also, SNS, b


Day 68 : Craft Beer

Craft beer is such a movement here in Japan too, as we have a number of craft beer brands and even the major beer producer is trying to produce their craft beer.

Upskch is producing his craft beer in


Day 67 : Sailor Moon

My friend has been a huge fan of Sailor Moon, and she's been an adherent of it from her kid's days.

She loves Sailor Moon so much that she has done some of her work on it...!

I am not familiar with


Day 65 : Tofu everyday

Tofu is becoming global.

When I first lived in the US, I was really surprised to find Tofu of Morinaga in the ordinary supermarket.

Well, it's originally from China and spread through East and South


Day 64 : Being Active

When you see people who are active, I always think that they have been and they are always active.

Raijin has been active from her birth onward, that's what I've thought. She has that kind of atmosph


Day 63 : Mama, ooh ♬

Being Mom should be joyful, tough and wonderful, I believe..., as I could never be a mother.

Chigu-Mama's notes are just enough to make  me believe so.
She's been writing her essays and paintings on


Day 62: painting again

I have introduced some of my friends who’ve been challenging painting several times.

Here’s another one.

To be honest and straight, I cannot find who this person is... I just know the URL but not hi


Day 61 : On-line learning English

Thanks to the technology, we can now easily connect with the people almost all over the world, whether on the phone, chat, or video, and they now cost you almost free.... that’s something I could neve